Our reporting

Each of the group's companies promotes its commitments, efforts and reporting, whether mandatory or voluntary. The responsibility described in each of these reports takes the various business lines into account.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility reports

Crédit Mutuel has been engaged in many societal, social, cooperative and environmental initiatives at the local level, particularly with the support of its customer-members.
A collaborative national approach involving the group's various entities led to the drafting, since 2006, of a national CSR report and an assessment of greenhouse gas emissions.

View the groups' latest CSR reports below or on their website:

Since 2017, the Declaration of Extra-Financial Performance (DPEF) replaces the CSR report (Corporate Social Responsibility).





Environmental performance
(Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - BEGES) - 2014

As a company in the services sector, Crédit Mutuel does not generate much pollution. Nevertheless, areas of progress have been identified and improvements have been assessed based on the nature of our activity (paper reduction, better management of travel, lighting, heating, putting computers in sleep mode, etc.).

Since 2011, each of the group's companies has conducted a BEGES every four years (since the enactment of the law on Energy Transition for Green Growth), which you can view below or at bilan-ges.ademe.fr.

BEGES 2014

BEGES 2018

The 2018 BEGES reports are available on the Ademe website.