Our social, environmental and societal commitments

The group conducts its business based on respect for universal rights and principles. The Crédit Mutuel group's CSR policy is guided by public positions related to specific topics and sectors.

Taking a proactive approach, Crédit Mutuel supports the following public and private initiatives

As a responsible company:

As a responsible investor:

Crédit Mutuel is also a contributor or active member of the following organizations:

As a cooperative:

Crédit Mutuel is a founding member of CoopFR, IRU, Cooperatives Europe, EACB and is actively involved in the ACI.

As a retail bank:

Crédit Mutuel is a longtime partner of the ADIE, Finansol, France Active, Initiative France and, given its regional presence, of APVF, ARF.

A responsible employer that cares about its employees' working conditions

At Crédit Mutuel, the focus is on the men and women that make up the group, the key ingredients of any business. The group's 8,898 employees have advantageous wage agreements in terms of social policy, and specifically social protection, leave and continuous training.

Each year before March 1, companies with at least 50 employees must calculate and publish their Gender Equality Index on their website.

Our sector policies

The various commitments made and implemented by the group's companies and entities, either individually or collectively, are available on the In the regions tab.