Our objectives

Integrate our actions within a global CSR approach

The group, true to its cooperative values, consolidates the initiatives taken locally and regionally and supports the priorities of each local bank in terms of its social and environmental commitment.

All in all, the group focuses on:

  1. Carrying out its activities in the interest of its members and customers
  2. The vitality of its governance model
  3. Respect for our world at the human and environmental level
  4. Creating the necessary conditions for its employees' development

Expressed in different words, these are the four aspects of our CSR policy implemented by each of the group's companies, as illustrated below by a few examples.

Carrying out its activities in the interest of its members and customers

The interest of its members and customers means the group's strength, ethical and transparent practices, products and services that are available to everyone and meet each person's needs.

That is why Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe expresses its commitment to be a socially responsible and engaged bank, to support key regional players and to promote mutual assistance and economic and social inclusion. Cofidis asserts its philosophy through words like attentiveness, availability, accessibility, adaptability, empathy, proximity, caring, humanity, responsibility and innovation. All the groups combat exclusion through social microcredit schemes, Crédit Mutuel Océan's "coup de pouce" (helping hand) system and the use of Local Initiative Budgets (BIL) at most of the federations.

The vitality of its governance model

The vitality of our governance model is ensured by the diversity of our Boards of Directors and the competence and diligence of our elected directors.

It is the application of rules of independence, ethics and integrity by our elected directors whose volunteer work attests to their commitment.

It is our elected directors' involvement in discussions about our social responsibilities, as the Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale group made official with the term RSM - Social and Mutualist Responsibility - at its Chambre Syndicale et Interfédérale. It is also the use of tools such as the Cooperative Action Plan and Cooperative Reporting by these same federations to ensure that commitments are made and results are achieved.

Respect for our world at the human and environmental level

Respect for our world at the human and environmental level - because we understand the needs of society and because our activities take place in the regions in which we operate - by monitoring our resource consumption and our use of third parties and by being aware of the consequences of our activities.

Crédit Mutuel Arkéa has taken proactive measures to listen to its stakeholders: their needs and their vision of a bank's responsibility, cooperation and support in tomorrow's economy.

Firm commitments are made by Crédit Mutuel Océan to promote economic and social development in its region and by Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie to be a bank with a local presence thanks to its extensive network and a potential partnership with merchants in its region, but also a major player that actively supports business creation and reactivation, particularly farming enterprises through Volney Bocage.

To fulfill the obligation created by the law on Energy Transition for Green Growth, our asset management and insurance companies have made significant efforts to conduct assessments and have even expressed the desire to go beyond the commitments by supporting such initiatives as the Club d'Investisseur Zéro Carbone (zero carbon investor club) (La Française). This desire to assess the company's approach from an outside perspective is also illustrated by the choice made by the real estate subsidiary of CMLACO, Atlantique Habitations, to refer to international standards, in its case ISO 26000.

Lastly, Crédit Mutuel Arkéa chose to join the UN Global Compact on its own, despite the fact that the group is itself a signatory to it.

Creating the necessary conditions for its employees' development

The necessary conditions for its employees' development: a meaningful social policy, equal opportunity, individual skills development and our employees' commitment.

Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe promotes equal opportunity, access to training and mobility and encourages employees' civic engagement.

At Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie, the development of a career management plan and programs focusing on psychosocial risks and workplace well-being and the integration and continued employment of disabled people reflects this concrete commitment made by the company.

Lastly, while CIC endeavors to prepare for skills development made necessary by profound changes in our activities through its training policy, it also implements a policy to combat all forms of discrimination, continues to work towards gender equality and acts to promote diversity, the integration of disabled people and, more generally, improvement in working conditions.

These examples illustrate both the many expressions of our social and environmental responsibility and the coherence of the principles and values that underlie them.