The Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) for corporate client managers is designed to meet the requirements of bancassurance players seeking to recruit client managers specialized in dealing with corporate clients. It differs from the CQP for professional client managers (RNCP 31919) in that the latter primarily deal with clients who are independent professionals, retailers, tradespeople and microbusinesses.

The digitization associated with an increase in regulatory standards in the banking sector has led to updates in the reference framework for activities, skills and certification evaluation, making it all the more relevant for employees with a certain length of service to obtain such certification.

The CQP for corporate client managers thus fosters professional mobility both within the division and throughout the banking sector, notably by allowing candidates recruited from other banks to obtain this certification on the basis of their work experience accreditation. The ability to obtain a recognized qualification also makes the division more attractive, particularly for young people.

The CQP for corporate client managers is part of a set of five CQP qualifications delivered by the Crédit Mutuel division:

  • Retail customer manager (CCPART) – Level 5
  • Professional client manager (CCPRO) – Level 6
  • Corporate client manager (CAE) – Level 6
  • Wealth management advisor (CGEST) – Level 6
  • Branch manager (DA) – Level 7

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Related duties and functions

The corporate client manager is responsible for developing, managing and retaining a portfolio of corporate clients, ranging from SMEs to large groups, while managing the related risks and optimizing profitability. He/she is the client's primary contact for banking relations. He/she deals with all of the needs and issues of his/her clients (account operation, management of payment methods, cash management, financing) and oversees development of business volume through the sale of products and services to existing and potential clients.

He/she may hold the following functions:

  • Corporate client manager
  • Corporate client sales advisor
  • Key account manager
  • Investment advisor
  • Risk analyst

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