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Crédit Mutuel's advertising saga, which has appeared on TV screens since 2010, showcases more than ever the mutualist values upheld by the brand.

Crédit Mutuel - A bank without shareholders may seem unlikely. Yet that changes everything. (2022) - French version

With us, bankers are not accountable to shareholders, they are advisers who are accessible and attentive to members.

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Crédit Mutuel - A bank with no shareholders, how does that sound? (2021) - French version

Crédit Mutuel is a bank in which any customer aged over 18 can become a member and take part in the bank’s decision-making. As a cooperative bank, Crédit Mutuel belongs to its 8.1 million customer-members – and that changes everything.

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What is a bank without shareholders? (2021) - French version

A bank without shareholders is a bank that is free to support projects in line with its values.

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Choose a different kind of bank (2019) - French version

Manon is always careful about what she buys and always wants to know what's in her products. It's exactly the same for Lucie and Benjamin, who have a say about what happens at their bank – because it belongs to them! Yes indeed, Crédit Mutuel is a cooperative bank owned by its 7.9 million customer-members and it reports to them, not to shareholders.

We hope all our customer-members enjoy the shareholders' meetings (2019) - French version

Crédit Mutuel is owned by and reports to its 7.9 million customer-members.

Advisors dedicated to their customers (2018) - French version

At Crédit Mutuel, advisors go the extra mile to support their customers in every phase of their life.

A joint project - The mutual bank of the future (2018) - French version

We are a cooperative and mutual bank.

Our basic idea is to join forces to be stronger together. We are owned by our 7.7 million customer-members. We report to them. To them and to you, if you join us.

Hand-in-hand - A different kind of cooperative bank (2016) - French version

Crédit Mutuel, a bank created with its customers, for its customers. At each local Crédit Mutuel bank, representatives of customer-members give a voice to customers at Board of Directors' meetings.

The living room - Democracy (2015) - French version

At Crédit Mutuel, your voice is not proportional to the size of your bank account. As a customer-member, you have a voice and you can vote and participate in your local bank's decision-making.

The stadium - Independence (2014) - French version

Crédit Mutuel is owned by its customer-members and cannot be bought out.

Safe - Solidity (2013) - French version

Customer-members have a say about what happens at their local bank.

Tourists - The Board of Directors (2012) - French version

At their local bank's Board of Directors meeting, customer-members discuss their bank's results and make decisions by voting. Crédit Mutuel does not have shareholders.

The dining room - Decisions (2012) - French version

At Crédit Mutuel, you can be a customer-member and participate in your bank's decision-making. Crédit Mutuel does not have shareholders.

New York - No shareholders (2011) - French version

At Crédit Mutuel, the bank reports to its customer-members, not to shareholders.

The kitchen - Proximity (2011) - French version

At Crédit Mutuel, decisions can be made at the local level.