The Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe Foundation

A corporate foundation committed to the development of its region

The Foundation's missions are centered around three areas: culture and knowledge, social action and sustainable development and entrepreneurship.

Culture and knowledge

The Foundation’s mission is to support initiatives that give everyone access to culture as well as initiatives that contribute to the region's reputation and attractiveness. The Foundation also partners with universities and takes concrete measures to ensure equal access to prestigious schools.

Social action and sustainable development

The CMNE Foundation is committed to combating all forms of social, economic and other types of exclusion. It participates in integration projects and in actions in support of sick and disabled people. It also supports those who ensure sustainable development in its regions.


The Foundation supports organizations dedicated to developing entrepreneurship. Its actions are geared toward various groups, including young people in search of direction, creative high school students, etc. It plays a role in promoting a dynamic region.

CMNE Foundation annual report

Learn about all the projects carried out as well as our values and operating model, in words and images.