Créavenir and Crédit Mutuel Anjou

Créavenir is an organization managed by 12 directors who are members of two boards. One is made up of representatives of Crédit Mutuel, directors of local banks. The other is composed of specialists from the economic and cooperative sector who are not part of Crédit Mutuel. Créavenir Anjou's resources consist of donations made by Caisse Régionale du Crédit Mutuel Anjou and the local banks.

Who benefits from Créavenir Anjou?

Any organization or occupational integration company sponsoring a job creation project or requiring training. The projects supported by Créavenir Anjou must serve the public interest and be carried out in the department of Maine-et-Loire.

How are decisions made about Créavenir support?

The project sponsor must first submit the project by completing a "Request for Créavenir support" form in order to have its eligibility confirmed. The project sponsor is then asked to present the project to Créavenir’s Board of Directors, which comes to a decision as a group.

Examples of support provided by Créavenir

Participation in the launch of Solidarauto, the first community-oriented garage that opened in Maine-et-Loire in 2010. Solidarauto created jobs, grew and opened a second garage in 2015.

Coverage of the research and development budget for a supermarket cart washing project, carried out by Arceau Anjou to provide employment for disabled individuals.

Help with the purchase of a new press for ALISE Ateliers in La Pommeraye. This social integration organization had developed expertise in paper sorting and collection, but its production capacity was dependent on the performance of a baling press that dated back to 1974 and broke down repeatedly due to wear and tear.