I wanted to work in innovation and data. I applied at the bank down the street. Élodie
Cognitive Factory Expert

I wanted to transform the world. I chose a cooperative bank. Raphaëlle
Transformation Project Manager

I wanted to tackle new tech challenges. I chose a human bank. Emmanuel

I wanted a creative job. I chose a bank. Doriane
Digital Communication Manager

I wanted to understand human nature. I chose a bank. Romain
Marketing Researcher

I wanted an ultra-digital job. I chose a human bank. Nicolas
Digital Marketing Project Manager

I wanted a job that was full of surprises. I chose to work in insurance at Crédit Mutuel. Guillaume

I wanted to change the world. I chose to work in insurance at Crédit Mutuel. Pierre-Yves
Transformation Project Manager

I was afraid of being bored. I chose a bank. Anne

I wanted to explore all jobs. I became a professional customer advisor. Julie
Professional Customer Relationship Manager

I wanted to work at a successful company. I chose a mutual bank. Virginie
Corporate Customer Relationship Manager

I wanted a job that focused on others. I chose to be an advisor at Crédit Mutuel. Mathilde
Individual Customer Relationship Manager

I wanted to contribute to a more just world. I chose a bank. Sarah
Compliance Officer

I didn't want an office life. I chose a bank. Lucile

I would say that each person plays a role in his or her professional advancement. If I want to advance, I can. Sandra Martin
Researcher in the Training Department, Crédit Mutuel Océan

Our human capital is our most valuable resource. Laure Maurel
Human Resources Manager, Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou Basse-Normandie

At our Innovation Labs, we work on all the crucial topics of the moment. Matthieu Pecqueur
Innovation Coach, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe

Working at Crédit Mutuel means working in a sector that is in the midst of an evolution, and in fact a revolution Nicolas Receveur
Human Resources Manager, Crédit Mutuel Centre-Est Europe

People are the foundation of our strategic development. Kaja Jablonska
Head of Recruitment and Employee Well-Being, Confédération Nationale du Crédit Mutuel

At Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, more than 95% of our employees work under permanent contracts. Perrine Gosset
Head of Human Resources Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe

We often tend to see banking and digital as being in opposition, but that's a cliché. Mélodie Leduc
Human Resources Manager, Crédit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique Centre-Ouest

We created the "well-being and performance" program because, at Crédit Mutuel, you can't have one without the other." Juliette Cahier
Human Resources Manager, Crédit Mutuel Anjou

Nowadays, we will all hold many jobs throughout our career. Mélanie Grémont
Training Unit Manager, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe

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When a bank is owned by its customer-members, it thinks about its business differently. It naturally puts people first because they are the very essence of its mutualist project. It believes that every employee can work in a way that reflects his or her goals and convictions. Crédit Mutuel is proof that individual success and the common good, performance and technological solidarity and humanity can coexist. Do you share our vision?

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