Crédit Mutuel de Normandie’s Créavenir organization

This organization, founded in 1996 by Crédit Mutuel de Normandie, reinforces the values of proximity, solidarity and civic engagement developed by each local bank.
It responds to requests from the local banks and provides financial solutions in the form of interest-free loans of €1,000 to €8,000 over 12 to 60 months, or grants of up to €800.

Créavenir is active in three areas:

Assistance to members in difficult situations

The aim is to support and help members who are facing personal hardships such as illness, death or unemployment. Créavenir supports them by providing financial support in the form of interest-free loans.

Support for cultural and educational initiatives focused on reading and writing

Créavenir's cultural and educational mission is focused on reading and writing. This is illustrated by the funding of specific initiatives, particularly with elementary schools and high schools in our region.
In addition, many relations are initiated by local non-profit projects. Special attention is given to new job creation projects (social, disability, training).

Support for financing of entrepreneurs

Créavenir works with the Crédit Mutuel Normandie local banks that finance business creation (small trade, commerce, services). This contribution establishes and adds to the entrepreneur’s personal contribution, supplements financing obtained elsewhere, including through partnerships formed with support and financing organizations that come under the authority of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry or the Chambers of Trade.

Créavenir also works with with business creation partners and business creation assistance networks (France Active, Boutiques de Gestion, organizations that provide support and advice, Regional Chamber of the Social and Solidarity Economy).

Each local back has two people who represent Créavenir: a director and a technician. They identify initiatives that fall within Créavenir’s scope of action and submit them to the local bank’s Board of Directors for a final decision. The final decision made by the Board of Directors concerns only interest-free loans. Since 1996, Créavenir has been involved in over 1,620 business takeovers and has helped create 1,270 businesses and 1,500 jobs.