What is a bank with mutual values?

Since its creation in the 19th century, Crédit Mutuel has developed initiatives based on solidarity. Responsible projects are encouraged. Free of any shareholding, we can choose our commitments.

Freedom & Openness

rédit Mutuel is open to everyone. Anyone can open an account at a local bank. Each customer is then free to become a member and participate in decision-making. In the same way, everyone is free to leave Crédit Mutuel, whether or not they are members.

Democratic equality

At Crédit Mutuel, customer-members elect their representatives from among themselves. All members can vote on the accounts and participate in decision-making at their local bank's shareholders' meeting. According to the democratic principle: “One person = One vote”.

Virtuous equality

Here, your money is not used to reassure shareholders, but to ensure your bank's future. No unpleasant surprises: our reserves are non-distributable and Crédit Mutuel cannot be bought out because it is not listed on the stock exchange. Your money can also be used to finance the local economy and to support development locally and even regionally.


Solidarity exists among the local banks at the regional level and among the federations at the national level, which ensures our financial strength. An internal fund shared by the banks keeps them safe from financial risks.

Autonomy & Responsibility

Each local bank makes nearly all its lending decisions locally without having to go through the head office. This means decisions are made faster, at a more local level and with more understanding.