Cémavie Foundation of Crédit Mutuel Loire-Atlantique, Centre-Ouest

Support for those in need

The Cémavie Foundation has several objectives: create appropriate structures for the elderly, develop support services for these individuals and the jobs they generate, promote all types of existing support and search for new types.

Residential homes for dependent elderly people

The Cémavie Foundation works to finance modern, moderately-sized retirement homes to help as many people as possible enjoy their retirement years. Facilities fall into one of three categories based on the level of dependence.

Home support

The Cémavie Foundation also provides services that allow people to remain “in their own space”, as the vast majority of French people would prefer. This home support also helps delay the onset or progression of certain degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. It involves visits by housekeepers and even nurses when necessary.

Other accommodations

The Cémavie Foundation develops alternatives to home support and moving to a retirement home. These include rental units adapted to the needs and constraints of able-bodied, independent older individuals or those with moderate physical limitations.