Retail banking,
the group’s main business line

Retail banking is carried out through the group’s networks in France and Europe:

Crédit Mutuel, CIC, Banque Européenne du Crédit Mutuel, Targobank in Germany and Spain, Beobank in Belgium, Cofidis Group Participations and Financo for consumer credit.

It also includes the specialized businesses whose products are marketed by the networks.

The Crédit Mutuel group has 36.6 million customers, 33.6 million of whom are private individuals.

The bank for individuals

With 33.6 million individual customers, the Crédit Mutuel group has made innovation the focal point of its development strategy.

Solutions and services tailored to the needs of the entire family with a broad range of savings products, real estate and consumer loans to help them finance their projects, and property and personal insurance products.

The key to its success: the trust of its customer-members

With the number of new financial and payments operators on the rise, Crédit Mutuel is aware that the key to its success and the strength of its model reside in the trust placed in it by its customers, and first and foremost by its members. Today's consumers can choose from a wide range of products offered across many channels. That is why Crédit Mutuel keeps evolving to ensure that the quality of the relationship built over time becomes the main criterion that differentiates it from its competitors.

Sustainable development, at the heart of its practices

Crédit Mutuel, whose practices are built around sustainable development, offers its customer-members a range of solutions that allow them to save, protect their families and property, purchase a home, spread out their expenses and finance renovation projects, particularly those aimed at lowering energy costs.

Services tailored to the needs of young people

The quality and performance of the technology services offered in the areas of account management on its websites and mobile devices, remote home surveillance, electronic payments and mobile phone services keep Crédit Mutuel ahead of the curve to the advantage of its customer-members. The group also strives to better serve those who are most vulnerable or lack access to banking services by anticipating difficulties and supporting customers throughout their reintegration process.

Services tailored to the needs of young people

Teaching day-to-day banking skills, encouraging saving from an early age, supporting young people along the road to independence and working life: such are the principles underlying the group's banking products for the under 30s, who represent nearly 30% of the Crédit Mutuel and CIC retail customer base.

Sociological changes, particularly later entry into working life, have led the group to adapt its product offering aimed at young people. Focusing on the under 29s, it takes into account concerns associated with starting work and is suited to a range of career paths and lifestyles.

With tailored products, services and prices, this flexible solution offers card choices, remote banking and advantageous lending terms, as well as banking and medical assistance services abroad in response to the growing trend in international exchange and mobility.

Made specifically with young people in mind, it includes non-banking services available to everyone and provides useful information and advice on course and study choices to address concerns of 18 to 29 year olds in terms of work, housing, health, mobility, money and leisure..

In some of the national federations, the group’s young customers have access to additional assistance with initial careers advice and finding internships, work-study programs and summer jobs. There is also help available with finding a first job and career management, aas well as practical information. Every effort is made, at each key stage, to make young people's transition to independence as easy as possible.

Support that fits seniors’ lifestyles

The group offers those "aged 50 and over" products and services tailored to whatever their situations, needs and interests are.

A specific needs approach

These customers have very different situations – and therefore very different needs – depending on their age, life course, family and professional life and state of health. They include the baby boom generation, which has now retired in large numbers and whose behaviors are different from those of previous generations. The group offers all these customers a wide array of tailored banking, insurance and other products and services.

Borrower's insurance in case of death as well as certain types of health insurance, including vision and dental care, are tailored to changes in healthcare consumption with aging. To address issues related to aging, loss of autonomy and the desire to remain socially connected and continue living at home for as long as possible, the group offers long-term care insurance policies. It also offers a remote assistance service that allows customers equipped with an alert device to access a live person for tailored support in case of an emergency, 24/7, ensuring peace of mind for customers and their loved ones.

Seniors particularly appreciate the support and advice they receive from the network during important phases or events in their lives (preparation for retirement, moving or adapting their homes, supporting elderly parents, inheritance/gifts, etc.). Along these lines, Crédit Mutuel shares its tips with readers of Notre Temps magazine, in which an expert from the group addresses bankinsurance issues directly related to their concerns each month.

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The bank for non-profit organizations

Specific banking products and an ongoing presence among families and community-based federations at the local, regional and national levels help make Crédit Mutuel the partner of choice for non-profits and underpin its continued expansion in this segment.

Creating new forms of solidarity

The specific offering has always included advice and expertise in the non-profit sector to meet skills and information requirements, secure non-profit projects, and help directors assume their responsibility and deal with any problems they encounter.

Tools such as the website are made available to all non-profits, from the smallest based on volunteer work to the largest management organizations, to help with legal, tax, social, financial, organizational, governance and day-to-day management issues.

To better understand the environment in which directors of non-profit organizations operate, their missions, their constraints and the problems associated with renewing governance bodies, Crédit Mutuel finances research and studies on volunteer work, including the France Bénévolat-Ipsos survey on volunteer engagement in France and the research conducted by Viviane Tchernonog at the Sorbonne (University of Paris 1) and Lionel Prouteau at the LEMNA laboratory (University of Nantes), in partnership with "La Fonda", available on the website.

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The group working alongside businesses

In 2022, Crédit Mutuel group assisted businesses of all sizes, both with their investments and their day-to-day operations.

The Crédit Mutuel group continued to review cases submitted by the credit ombudsman: on the whole, mediation has fallen considerably over the past seven years, a trend underpinned in 2022 by the State aid mechanisms introduced for businesses in response to the Covid crisis. At the Crédit Mutuel group, 35% of cases submitted have achieved a successful outcome since the credit ombudsman was first introduced in 2009. This is evidence of the pragmatic approach taken to such cases and the degree to which our teams truly understand the situation on the ground: in many cases, particularly those involving very small businesses, the mediator confirmed the decision taken by the Group’s banks, Crédit Mutuel or CIC.

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Livret A/Bleu/LDDS: the group has provided substantial financing to SMEs

Livret A, Livret Bleu and LDDS (socially responsible sustainable development) passbook savings accounts continue to provide security and liquidity in an uncertain economic environment marked by the war in Ukraine. Deposits in these tax-except accounts amounted to €86.5 billion at the end of 2022, bringing the Group’s market share to 16.7%. We amply met our regulatory obligations governing the use of the non-centralised portion of these deposits: outstanding loans granted by the Group to finance SMEs and energy efficiency work on old properties were twice as high as the non-centralised deposits remaining on the balance sheet (a 252% utilisation rate).

View the annual report on the use of non-centralized Livret A and LDDS funds - 2022 (in french)

No. 2 bank for the farming sector

With 17% of the medium and long-term loan market at the end of 2020, Crédit Mutuel is the second-largest bank for the farming sector.

A bank that works closely with farmers

For more than 20 years, Crédit Mutuel has supported farmers throughout France. It is involved at all stages of the farming process, including for both wine and agricultural production.

Its financing solutions provide fast, appropriate responses to the full spectrum of farming projects. Some loans offer flexible repayment schedules. Other solutions involve offering farm equipment financing directly through dealers. Farmers have access to a range of short-term cash facilities to cover urgent financing needs. These loans can be distributed directly through the trading companies that market farmers’ production. In terms of investments and cash management, Crédit Mutuel offers an array of products that allow customers to balance requirements related to asset availability, profitability and security.

A range of products and services are available. For example:

  • life insurance solutions for farmers, their partners and family helpers to ensure steady additional income during retirement;
  • a range of products to help farmers build up a rainy day fund;
  • access to essential farming information on Crédit Mutuel's dedicated website

See our products and services for farmers (in french) Learn about our initiatives in the farming sector

A group working alongside local authorities

Crédit Mutuel is a leading financer of local and regional authorities, with a market share of more than 10%.

Dynamic partnerships

With local towns Crédit Mutuel's core target, the bank has partnered Association des Petites Villes de France (APVF), the national small cities body. On the initiative of its Chairman, Nicolas Théry, Crédit Mutuel has also formed a strategic partnership with Régions de France, the organisation representing France's regions. And it has joined forces with the local public enterprises federation Fédération des Entreprises publiques locales to develop banking solutions for the mixed economy.

A comprehensive offering

Crédit Mutuel offers a full range of products to help local authorities finance their infrastructure and management. It also provides them with mobile phone services, remote security for municipal facilities, land development services, insurance products for local government employees, vehicle fleet management and leasing solutions.

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A partner group to the social housing sector

Crédit Mutuel is one of the most active banks for financing low-income housing. It is the leading distributor of rent-to-buy loans (Prêt Social de Location-Accession (PSLA)), accounting for nearly a third of the share reserved for banks.

Innovative partnerships

Crédit Mutuel has entered into a partnership with Action Logement to develop various cooperation agreements in social housing sales, Actions Cœur de Ville, a programme to boost medium-sized towns, intermediation for lending to individuals and products and services for vulnerable customers.

The group has also signed an agreement with Fédération des Coopératives HLM the federation of social housing cooperatives, to develop the financing of the Bail Réel Solidaire (BRS) affordable housing scheme and support for cohousing.

A comprehensive offering to support social housing

  • A range of tailored financing solutions: subsidised rental loans (PLS), rent-to-buy loans (PSLA), loans to real estate developers and bank guarantees.
  • Cash management products: term deposits, SICAV, FCP, Livret A, passbook accounts, etc.,
  • Receipts management products,
  • Unpaid rent management products.

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Last update: 03/09/2023